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Refereed publications in English

  • Apouey B, forthcoming. Conditions of existence and subjective perceptions of retirement: Quantitative evidence from France. Ageing and Society. [Article] [SSRN Working paper]
  • Apouey B, Silber J, Xu Y, 2020. On inequality-sensitive and additive achievement measures based on ordinal data. Review of Income and Wealth, volume 66, issue 2, pages 267-286. [Article]
  • Apouey BH, Guven C, Senik C, 2019. Retirement and unexpected health shocks. Economics & Human Biology, volume 33, pages 116-123. [Article] [Working paper]
  • Rapp T, Apouey BH, Senik C, 2018. The impact of institution use on the wellbeing of Alzheimer's disease patients and their caregivers. Social Science & Medicine, volume 207, pages 1-10. [Article]
  • Apouey BH, 2018. Preparation for old age in France: The roles of preferences and expectations. Journal of the Economics of Ageing, volume 12, pages 15-23. [Article] [Working paper]
  • Picone G, Kibler R, Apouey BH, 2017. Malaria prevalence, indoor residual spraying, and insecticide-treated net usage in sub-Saharan Africa. Journal of African Development, volume 19, pages 19-32. [Article]
  • Wilde J, Apouey BH, Jung T, 2017. The effect of ambient temperature shocks during conception and early pregnancy on later life outcomes. European Economic Review, volume 97, pages 87-107. [Article]
    • This article was selected as the 2017 winner of the IPUMS Research Award. [Link]
  • Apouey BH, 2016. Child physical development in the UK: The imprint of time and socioeconomic status. Public Health, volume 141, pages 255-263. [Article] [Working paper]
  • Apouey BH, Geoffard P-Y, 2016. Parents' education and child body weight in France: The trajectory of the gradient in the early years. Economics & Human Biology, volume 20, pages 70-89. [Article (gated)] [Working paper]
  • Apouey B, Clark AE, 2015. Winning big but feeling no better? The effect of lottery prizes on physical and mental health. Health Economics, volume 24, issue 5, pages 516-538. [Article (gated)] [Most recent working paper]
    • I won the FEEM prize (for economists under 30) at the 2009 congress of the European Economic Association thanks to this article.
  • Apouey B, Picone G, 2014. Social interactions and malaria preventive behaviors in sub-Saharan Africa. Health Economics, volume 23, issue 9, pages 994-1012. [Article (open access)] [SSRN working paper]  
  • Apouey BH, Geoffard P-Y, 2014. Child health and access to health care in France: Evidence on the role of family income. Revue d'Epidémiologie et de Santé Publique, volume 62, issue 3, pages 179-190. [Article] [Working paper]
  • Huang H, Apouey B, Andrews J, 2014. Racial and ethnic disparities in awareness of genetic testing among online users: Internet use, health knowledge and sociodemographic correlates. Journal of Consumer Health on the Internet, volume 18, issue 1, pages 15-30. [Article (gated)] [Preprint]
  • Apouey B, Geoffard P-Y, 2013. Family income and child health in the UK. Journal of Health Economics, volume 22, issue 4, pages 715-727. [Article (gated)] [Working paper]
  • Apouey BH, 2010. On measuring and explaining socioeconomic polarization in health with an application to French data. Review of Income and Wealth, series 56, number 1, pages 141-170. [Article (gated)]
  • Apouey B, 2007. Measuring health polarization with self-assessed health data. Health Economics, volume 16, issue 9, pages 875-894. [Article (gated)]


Book chapters in English

  • Apouey B, Silber J, forthcoming. Measuring inequality in health. Editors: Duangkamon Chotikapanich, Alicia Rambaldi, Nicholas Rohde. Advances in Economic Measurement. Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Apouey B, Picone G, Wilde J, 2018. The economics of malaria prevention. Editor: Andrew Jones. Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Economics and Finance. New York: Oxford University Press. [Link]
    • Reprinted in the Oxford Encyclopedia of Health Economics.
  • Apouey BH, Silber J, 2016. Performance and inequality in health: A comparison of child and maternal health across Asia, in John A. Bishop, Juan Gabriel Rodríguez (ed.), Inequality after the 20th Century: Papers from the Sixth ECINEQ Meeting (Research on Economic Inequality, Volume 24), Emerald Group Publishing Limited, pages 181-214. [Webpage] [Working paper]
  • Apouey B, Silber J, 2013. Inequality and bi-polarization in socioeconomic status and health: Ordinal approaches. Research on Economic Inequality, volume 21 "Health and Inequality," chapter 4. Eds: Rosa-Dias P and O'Donnell O. [Book webpage] [Working paper]


Refereed publications in French

  • Apouey BH, à paraître. Inégalités socioéconomiques et définitions subjectives du bien vieillir : Résultats d'une enquête quantitative. Retraite et Société. [Article] [Document de travail]
  • Apouey BH, 2018. Les attentes en termes de services pour les seniors : Le rôle de l’altruisme et de l’anticipation de la dépendance. Revue Française d'Economie. [Article] [Working paper]
  • Apouey BH, 2015. Les disparités sociales de santé perçue au cours de la vie : Le cas de la France (2004-2012). Bulletin Epidémiologique Hebdomadaire, numéro 24-25, pages 456-465. [Article] [Working paper]
  • Apouey BH, Geoffard P-Y, 2015. Le gradient et la transmission intergénérationnelle de la santé pendant l'enfance. Economie et Statistique, volume 475-476, pages 113-133. [Article] [Working paper]