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IDUP - Institut de Démographie de l'Université Paris 1


The Paris 1 Demography Institute was set up in 1957 on the initiative of Alfred Sauvy. Today, its role is teaching and research in demography.

Demography is a fast expanding science whose area and methods of investigation and analysis have changed considerably over the last few years. Demographers no longer limit their study to the structure and renewal of populations through various phenomena such as the mortality rate, the marriage rate, fertility and migration ; they have extended the scope of their work to include the sociological, historical, economic and geographic aspects of society. In addition, the populations they study are now more varied and include school children, students, the working population, those who have retired, the unemployed, the sick, etc. 

Today demographers work not only in and for demography research centres but also for central and local government, for national and regional observatories, for insurance companies, banks and corporations.

The Paris 1 Demography Institute delivers two university diplomas and two postgraduate degrees, one vocational, the other academic :

* The first is a general diploma in demography, reserved for students who already have a three-year degree in another subject ;

* The second is a two-year certificate for economics students who prepare it at the same time as their third and fourth years of economics ;

* The vocational postgraduate degree preparing students to become ’expert demographers’ is open to graduates who have either the general diploma in demography or a degree in econometrics, mathematics applied to the social sciences or any other degree using a quantitative approach. It is also possible to prepare a doctorate in demography.

Both the academic postgraduate degree and the doctorate are taught and supervised by research teams from the CRIDUP (Paris 1 Demography Institute Research Centre) and other research teams from outside the university (INED, CESDIP, INSERM, INRETS...).

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