IT & digital help

Advice: before any request or in case of questions, we invite you to consult the help guide that corresponds to your situation.

What do you need ?

  • How to connect to the ENT or the intranet?

    If you have a Paris 1 account and have activated it (see the paragraph below), you can access the ENT via the dedicated button located at top right of all pages of the university website. Once in the ENT you will have access to dedicated tools and software as well as the intranet.

    If you do not have an account, this will not be possible. To obtain an account you must be registered at the university: as a student (following your administrative registration), as staff (by the HR department) or as a visitor (request initiated by the management who wishes to open you access).

    All university applications (managed by DSIUN) that require authentication – ENT, intranet, etc. – use the CAS protocol and a Paris 1 account.

    When you register at the university, your Paris 1 account is created and once you have activated it, you can authenticate with your login (username) and password (which you will have chosen during activation).

  • How do I change my password?

    If you have forgotten your password or if for security reasons you simply wish to change it, we invite you to go to and click on the “Forgotten password” button. (reset)".

  • How to use the university wifi?

    If you have a Paris 1 account, activate your device's wifi then select "eduroam".

    If you use Linux, Windows (10 and 11), macOS and mobile terminals running Android or iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) a connection tool (eduroam CAT) to eduroam is available at You must download it then install it to be able to connect to eduroam.

    If you don't need encryption, you can select "universite-paris1". This will allow you to log in after entering your Paris 1 account login information.

    If you do not have a Paris 1 account and you are attending a symposium or conference, ask the organizer of the event if they have requested Wi-Fi access for this event from the DSIUN. If this is the case, he will be able to provide you with a username and password that will work for the duration of the conference.

    For more details on setting up eduroam on your device, we invite you to consult the following tutorials, depending on your operating system: Windows (PDF - French - 621ko), MacOS (PDF - French - 706ko), Android ( PDF - French - 413kb) and iOS (PDF - French - 424kb).

  • Who should I contact with an IT question?

    If you are a student

    Telephone support for students : Phone : +33 (0)1 71 25 11 37
    (If you have a problem with the eCandidat application, primo, reins, ipweb, a question about registrations, etc.)

    Otherwise you can contact DSIUN assistance

    By email:

    1. Write primarily from your address
    2. Specify the type of problem in the subject and provide a precise description in your email
    3. You will receive a ticket number and tracking email
    4. You will also see your request and its follow-up appear in the “Assistance” tab of the ENT

    From the ENT: the DSIUN has set up a tool which allows you to report a request or an IT problem to assistance: GLPI. This tool is directly accessible from your Digital Work Environment (ENT) from the “Assistance” tab. To make your procedures easier, this ticket is partly pre-filled.

    How it works ?

    1. From the ENT, click on the “Assistance” tab
    2. Complete the request ticket: select the emergency, type and category from the drop-down menus
    3. Describe precisely the nature of the problem and the number of people impacted
    4. Attach a document or screenshot if necessary
    5. You can also choose or not to receive tracking by email
    6. Do not hesitate to consult and complete your ticket which is located in the “Dashboard”, using the number assigned to it
  • How to teach with digital technology at university?

    We invite you to consult the site dedicated to this theme:

  • Who do I contact to exercise my rights regarding my personal data?

    If you encounter difficulty exercising your rights with regard to your personal data, you can contact

  • Who to contact to report an IT security problem?

    If you detect an IT security problem concerning the university (hacked internet pages, vulnerabilities on a site, compromised university account, etc.), please contact