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Economics department (ufr02)



The economics department at the Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne plays a central role in the formation of economists and resarchers in France.Thanks to its large size, with more than 4000 students, and overall high quality research and trainingmethods and facilities it is one of the leading institutions in the formation of doctorates in economics in France. 

Students coming to study Economics at Paris 1 will find  a wide range of study programs, both technical andnon technical, aimed towards research or professional training.  The diverse selection of programs offer a well balanced mix  of teaching through academics and professionals and gather all the different schools of thought so that every student can gradually find his/her way and the most adapted program to achieve his/her study and training targets from the beginning to the highest level.

By coming to teach in the Economics department at the Université Paris 1 professors and researchers will find a stimulating research environment with dynamic teams of people known world-wide in their field.  The wide array of programs offered allow each individual to find their perfect fit between academic and research activities and provide the opportunity to work with students of the utmost quality.  .

According to our high quality  targets, demand for application and participation from international students is on the rise at our faculty. In order to meet these demands we have created a special high level program taught in English, welcoming English speaking foreigners to come to Paris 1 for a Master in Economics according to the famous international standards of the University. Our teaching staff  is international and includes several visiting professors coming from the best Universities in the world who share their knowledge with Master and Doctorate Students.   

Thanks to this Diversity, the Economics faculty offers an incomparable  range of programs:

  • The Bachelor in Economics,
  • An Economics Honours Program called “Magistère
  • Eight different MASTER level Programs with 22 specializations focused on professional training or research, some of which are completed in association with the Paris School of Economics.


Graduates from these programs find very diverse career opportunities depending on each individuals chosen path and interests. Given that these programs provide both general training and very sepcific theoretical and applied training, disciplinary and open to other fields, their  outlets are very heterogeneous.  They are aimed not only to form academics in the field of Economics and Researchers in International Organizations, but also consultants for  firms, administrative and trade managers and research analysts in both the public and private sectors.