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Bulletin n°50 - Alimentation et relations internationales - décembre 2019

Sommaire du numéro


Opens external link in new windowFrançois-Xavier Nérard

Victoria Afanasyeva

Cafés With No Alcohol in Paris:

A Temperance Initiative by and for foreigners in the Late 19th Century

Séverine Boué

Receptions at the French Residency in Washington:

A Gastronomic Showcase for France a Diplomatic Tool for the Ambassadors (from 1893 until Today)

Jean Gecit

Radioisotopes, an Answer to Agricultural Issues in West Africa (1964-1971)

Jae Yeong Han

Korean Gastronomy, an Aspect of International Relations

Daniele Zappalà

The historical origins and contemporary motives of France-Italy relations in a gastronomic point of view

Gilles Fumey

Chocolate: A Curious Swiss Affair

Marion Godfroy-Tayart de Borms

From Head Chef to Cook in the XIXth Century:

Shaping the Chef through Marie-Antoine Carême’s Career

Catherine Horel

The Myth of the Viennese Cuisine

Christina Wu

The Taste for Diplomacy. Interview with Zainal Arif Mantaha, ambassador of Singapore to France


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