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Bulletin n°49 - Meilleurs mémoires - juin 2019

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Opens external link in new windowÉditorial/Editorial

Antoine Marès


Blandine Boltz

Opens external link in new windowLa conquête de Tourane, 1858-1860 : L’expérience d'une défaite coloniale au Việt Nam

The Conquest of Tourane, 1858-1860: The Experience of a Colonial Defeat in Việt Nam

 Jules Ogier

Travelling to ‘Boreal’ Japan: Explorers and Missionaries in 19th Century Colonized Hokkaido

Claire Brodier

Olga Lemagnen

Away from the Battlefield. Charles Lansiaux, Photographer in Paris during the Great War

Vincent Harmsen

Mourning and Memory at the End of World War One: Perceiving Quentin Roosevelt’s Death after July, 14th, 1918

 Thomas Claré

Opium Smuggling in Indochina: The Rise of “Opium Unions” in Tonkin, End of the 19th century-1940

 Flora Lafforgue

1936 Spain as an Issue, a Model, and an Ideal for the International Left, Europe and Latin America

 Lucile Saudrais

Death from the Front: Ideological Representations and Photographic Practices of German Soldiers, 1939-1945

 Rémy Péru-Dumesnil

The Gallion: an American Aerodrome on French Soil in South America, 1940-1942

 Germain Le Roch

The International Chopin Piano Competition during the Cold War: When Musical Practice Disrupts the Bipolar World Order

 Arthur Bertucat

Franco-Iranian Educational Cooperation in the Context of the Islamic Revolution

 Auriane Petit

The “French Style” Marine Protected Areas. A Matter of International Politics

 Ombeline Dagicour

Regenerating the Fatherland, Building the State. Geographical Knowledge and Territorial Production, Peru, 1900-1930




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