Ouverture du MOOC "Tourism Management at UNESCO World Heritage Sites"

Le MOOC "Tourism Management at UNESCO World Heritage Sites", produit par le réseau UNESCO-UNITWIN “Culture, Tourism, and Development”, permet une introduction au tourisme des sites classés patrimoine mondial de l'UNESCO.

Moving from UNESCO’s principles and doctrines, the MOOC covers Communication Technologies, Economy, Management and Planning, and more... It is aimed to policy makers, site managers, students and people active in the tourism industry.

This MOOC is designed and run by an international network of prestigious universities: highly profiled researchers and professors share their knowledge with you in an accessible way on tourism at UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


The course consists of 8 chapters, released one per week. During each chapter, learners will be able to gain knowledge about different aspects of Tourism Management at UNESCO World Heritage Sites thanks to ad-hoc documents and videos produced by members of an international network of prominent universities.

Participants will also have the opportunity to assess their understanding and learning progress through quizzes, as well as through various activities, discussions, and peer-to-peer evaluated activities.

During the 8 weeks, until March 18 2018, the pedagogical team is present to answer questions and give advice to the participants. After that you can always register to the course, view its content, exchange via the forums with other participants of the MOOC, but you will no longer have support from the pedagogical team.

The course remains available with all materials for enroled students to use for about 1 year.


The MOOC is open to everyone wishing to learn more about how tourism works at UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It has, however, a special focus on professional figures such as academics, site managers, state agencies, and other professions involved in tourism.