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Licence AND Master AES


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The Department of Labour and Social Studies, AES and Social Law offers a multidisciplinary training, focused on the theme of labour. The License (= Bachelor’s degree) AES aims at training students in scientific and methodological grounds of various disciplines such as Law, Economics, Management, History and Sociology.

In the third year, two options allow students an early specialisation by choosing between human resources and management of organisations (public or private) and the study of social policies.

main career opportunities

The disciplinary bases, general knowledge, computer sciences, and English speaking skills, offered by the diploma are quite

appreciated by companies.

After graduating, the student can :

=> go on the labor market,

(business management, finance or accounting, human resources management, training, social protection, employment counselling and vocational integration, public administration)

=> sit competitive exams for positions in the Public Service

=> continue his studies in Master

The Department offers several Masters 2 :

M2 Research

- Employment Law

M2 Professional Learning

- Lawyer Employment Law

- Occupational Social Protection Law for Enterprises

M2 Professional with internship

- Administration and employment management

- Executives of organisations of the social sector

- Supplementary social protection

- Training and development of skills in Europe

- Ergonomics, organisations and work areas.

It is also possible to apply for Masters in Law, Management, Sociology in other departments, and the Institute for the Study of Economic and Social Development (IEDES).

selection process

A levels” (Baccalauréat), or equivalent degree.

admission requirements

This diploma concerns students attracted by legal, economic or social issues in the contemporary world, but still undecided as to their career choice. This course provides each student with a rigorous approach in each discipline, in order to identify more clearly his choice, before specialising in a Master.


Ability to validate one year at a foreign university, under Erasmus exchange program, Crepuq (Canada).

Organisation of the year

3 years of studies with conferences in amphitheatres and tutored classes.

The topics taught are :

- Law, Civil law, Trade law, Constitutional law and Labour law,

- Economics, contemporary and international economics, economic theory and social economics

- History, 19th to 21st centuries, Communication,

- Sociology of social groups, labour sociology and social relationships.

- Management of organisations, Financial analysis and Human resources management,

- Quantitative methods, Statistics and Computer sciences

- Foreign modern languages.

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Master 1 AES



The Department of Labour and Social Studies, AES and Social Law offers a multidisciplinary training, focused on the theme of labour.

Fundamental knowledge acquired in Law, Economics, History and Sociology will help choose a specialisation in the different options proposed.

Selection and

admission requirements

Master 1 AES is open to students interested in the field of labour with a Licence degree (= Bachelor’s degree) in AES, or economy, law, management, Human sciences or a IEP diploma. Admission can be granted through the validation of acquired experience (VAE), according to the procedure.

organisation of the year

The year is organised around two main blocks :

=> a block of fundamental topics (amphitheatre and tutored classes), including four disciplines (labour law, economy of labour, history of labour relationships, sociology of social policies)

=> a block of specialisation with two options : human resources and social policies. Including foreign languages, the classes offer a large panel of topics (trade law, social security law, economy of social protection, economy of labour and solidarity, human resources management, quantitative techniques applied to economics, sociology of immigration, computer sciences applied to management, history through images, company management, social and cultural history of globalisation).


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