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About us


The main missions of the Institute have been stable for nearly 60 years:
•    To disseminate and promote knowledge about the realities of "developing worlds"
•    To train high-level managers to work on development and / or in the field of international cooperation,
•    To establish strong links between scientific communities in the North and the South; and
•    To increase cross-fertilization of young researchers and professionals.

The training offer revolves around 1 Master's Degree in Development Studies in 2 main disciplines:
•    Economics and Management: 2 courses in initial / continuing education
•    Human and Social Sciences, with 3 courses in initial / continuing education and 1 course in initial / continuing education

The master's specializations, lasting two years (M1 and M2), have a multidisciplinary core curriculum, mostly in the first semester of the M1, which provides an indispensable basis for understanding the developing world. At the end of the M1, students are automatically entitled to enroll in M2. At the same time, direct entries in M2 are possible for candidates with knowledge and diplomas deemed sufficient in the specialties of their choice.

IEDES prepares for the Doctorate in three doctoral schools: Doctoral School of Geography, Doctoral School of Political Sciences and Doctoral School of Economics. The award of doctoral degrees leads to higher education and research in France and abroad, as well as to positions of responsibility in the institutions of international cooperation.

The research activities are carried out within the Joint Research Unit (UMR) Development and Societies (D&S) whose research axes are closely linked to the lessons learned.

At the international level, IEDES has numerous international agreements for university cooperation with countries in Africa, Latin America, North America and Europe. The Institute is a member of theEuropean Development Research and Training Association (EADI) and also participates in many scientific networks on development issues. IEDES is located on the campus of the Jardin d'agronomie tropicale de Paris, alongside research organizations (CIRAD, CIRED, INRA, CEDIMES) and professionals (GRET, AVSF) recognized on sustainable development issues.