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Research Master in Development Studies - Developing societies and political recompositions


Research Master "Developing societies and political restructuring"



@ Pierre Genet



The M2 Research course on "Developing societies" is devoted to the study of the relationship between development practices and policies in societies in the South. This pathway is doubly versatile. It is not only pluridisciplinary in the social sciences, which differentiates it from other formations linked to mono-disciplinary paths, but also of a comparative character. She works on African, Latin American and Asian lands and approaches the various themes in a global way, going beyond the classic North / South dichotomy.


This training offer prepares for the research professions in their diversity: doctorate, but also more operational posts (NGOs, national institutions, international) requiring a research approach. Students are considered as young researchers and are associated in this capacity with the activities of doctoral students and researchers of the UMR "Development and Societies", which is backed by training.


The M2R is renewed this year by the creation of a "Cooperative Space Development Studies" elaborated in partnership with the Master ECD (Comparative Study of Development) of the EHESS. This project is one of the winners of the 2014 call for innovative pedagogical projects launched by héSam Université. Funded by heSam, it opens a joint seminar to become a digital module, to offer grants to the field and to set up an applied methodology workshop.


Scientific guidelines

For several decades, the social sciences of development have focused on the study of national policies and their international terms of reference; The practices (of the "developed" and the "developers") were then seen only as elements of contextualization, constraints or constraints, or simple modalities for the implementation of development policies.

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