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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the excellent training in Research, Engineering and Innovation:


created in the heart of the oldest Europeen Universities, the IKSEM program provides the extensive 12 months training allowing its graduates to pursue their career in research and to start a Ph.D. in one the leading universities around the world. 

The research team of the Centre de Recherche en Informatique (CRI) of Sorbonne is well recognized by the international IS Engineering research community.

Invited professors from the universities around the world (EPFL, University of Stockholm, University of Utrecht, University of Valencia etc.) are joining us during the year, delivering lectures and research seminars.


requirements engineering, knowledge engineering, method engineering, process and data enginering, analysis, and management - are our core competences. 

Our experience in IS engineering is confirmed by the numerous scientific publications in the international journals and conferences.

Many of our courses are prepared and delivered in collaboration with our industrial partners:  analysts, consultants, managers and engineers from the leading companies headquartered in the Paris region.


we are working in a tight collaboration with industry. Synergy of research and hands-on experience is our priority. 

By a classical pathway or by apprenticeship, our students are dealing with problems from the real organizations on the daily basis. 

95% of the master thesis are focusing on the industrial problems.

Our Objectives:

IKSEM is a 1 year international Master program,  a tween sister of the MIAGE master program, well-known in France. Our main topics are Engineering and Management of Information and Knowledge Systems. Created in the heart of the oldest  europeen university, this program offers a synergy of cutting edge academic research and industrial innovation.  

The goal of the program is to provide the students  with theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience with new technologies for Business and  IT. 

During their studies,  IKSEM students will develop critical thinking and will learn to apply a scientific approach for problem solving. 


Big data,  Cloud computing, Mobile computing, Enterprise engineering, Decision-support systems , Open innovation  - are examples of paradigms and technologies that shape modern organizations. If you want to know more about this - come to IKSEM!


IKSEM Features:

  • Your University is one of the oldest and the most prestigeous schools in Europe, located in the heart of Paris 
  • Your courses and support materials are in English.
  • Your lecturers are  IT professionals and  full-time researchers specialized in IS engineering and management. 
  • Your classroom is a multi-cultural environment for learning together. Groups  of 30-35 students:

    • 33% of students come from abroad;
    • 50% of students have an industrial experience prior to joining IKSEM 

  • Your life is vibrant and colorful, full of cultural exchanges and discoveries, parties and hard work too! 
  • 100% of graduated students find a job right after their graduation.