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How to apply?


There is no specific procedure for holders of a foreign degree (i.e. non French), except for those applying to a second year in "Management of cultural heritage", who should get in touch with anticipation with the University Opens external link in new windowForeign office.


Applications to the first or second year of the cursus should be submitted exclusively through the eCandidat portal of the University (Opens external link in new window and will be processed without distinction. Results will be announced no later than 2 months after the application. Successful applicants will then be requested to proceed without delay to formal inscription.


Applications must be submitted

Master 1 : between 17th April and 5th June 2017

Master 2 "Historical Gardens and landscape heritage": between 2nd May and 1st June 2017

Master 2 "Preparation to the Institut national du Patrimoine" : between 2nd May and 2nd June 2017

Master 2 "Management of cultural heritage" (except for holders of foreign degrees) : between 9th May and 9th June

Master 2 "History of cultural heritage and museums" : between 2nd May and 2nd June 2017 

Master 2 "Development and mediation of archaeological heritage" : between 8th May and 30th June 2017