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The Conference


The aim of the conference « social dynamics and climate change » is to offer the scientific community and stakeholders involved in the climate policy debate an overview of the social changes that are and could be triggered by climate change mitigation and adaptation and to present methods and tools developed to represent, understand, influence or govern those changes. The conference is organized in echo to the COP 21 negotiations that will take place in Paris in December 2015, but offers a complementary perspective on the global challenge posed by climate change. Indeed, independently of the outcome of the international negotiations, the key challenge for our societies will remain: climate change mitigation and adaptation implies that societies will have to coordinate themselves at multiple scales on new systems of values, new forms of institutional, spatial and economic organization.


We think that a better understanding of these coordination problems at multiple scales and along multiple dimensions requires an interdisciplinary approach, ranging from law to economics through philosophy or geography. Hence, the conference “social dynamics and climate change” aims to bring together an interdisciplinary group of leading scholars to further develop the research programmes that will shape our thinking on the socio-environmental transformations that will be the mainstream of the coming decades. The conference will be organized around interdisciplinary workshops during which  economists, geographers, legal experts, art specialists and philosophers will expose the state of thinking in their field with respect to the current and forthcoming global changes in our societies: norms, organizations, technologies, values… The sessions will be organized around four broad themes: Innovations, Justices, Social  Adaptation Strategies, Cities. The Topics covered will range from urban renewal to the role of the energy transition in the pursuit of the European project. We will strive to offer a panorama of the approaches that contemporary research in human and social sciences is developing to analyze the global socio-environmental changes of the twenty-first century and to train those that will act upon them.