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Transportation from the Airport to Berkeley 

When you arrive at San Francisco, there are a number of ways to

Get to Berkeley as follows.


1.BART (this is our "Metro").

There is a BART station right in the Airport. Signs are everywhere. You can walk there from the International Terminal, or walk or ride a “people carrier” from the domestic airport.

You have to buy a ticket from a machine which takes both Cash and credit/debit Cards. The fare is about $7 but you might want to buy a $20 ticket if you are going round trip, or want to get to San Francisco during your stay.

You buy a Ticket to BERKELEY (DOWNTOWN). If you get a direct train it will say : RICHMONT (daytime only). You can get a train to PITTSBURGH/BAY and it will direct you where to change (at BALBOA PARK or OAKLAND CITY CENTER for the Berkeley  Richmond train. About 1 Hour.

Walk or take a taxi when you get to Berkeley.       




This is a shuttle van which takes you directly from the Airport to your house or hotel in Berkeley. You have to call them once you are through customs and have got your baggage. 1-877-467-1800

They will tell you where to meet the shuttle and how long you will wait.

BAYPORTER costs $37 to Berkeley and another $15 for a second person at the same address. It will take 40-65 minutes depending on the traffic. You may share the van with 5 or 6 other people going to Berkeley .



3. TAXI.

There are taxis waiting on the road outside the baggage area. It will cost you $60-70 to Berkeley + a tip. But if you share (up to four people) it costs only $15 or $20 a person. It will take 35 to 60 minutes depending on traffic.



If you are a couple or a family, and want to explore the Bay Area and Northern California before or after the Conference, you could rent a car at the airport. Make your reservation on line ahead of time. The cost of rental and petrol is much cheaper than in Europe (especially if your car insurance or credit card pays for the cost of insurance). You take the “people mover” (rail shuttle) upstairs at all terminals. Will take 10-15 minutes to get to the car rental locations.